Holistic Treatments

Aura Analysis & Treatment Plan

Treat Yourself to A Self Discovery Journey. An aura reading is a great way to learn more about your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose. Figuring out your current energy allows you to make any shifts needed to be fully in alignment with your spiritual intentions. The color of your aura is constantly changing based on your energy, and it can provide a wealth of information about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of being.

Chakra Analysis & Treatment Plan

Would you like to find out where your imbalances lie within your energy system? Give yourself an energy health check. Would you like to feel more purposeful, with clear direction, be able to channel your energy into the passions in your life, and feel empowered? This, and much more, are the benefits of having a chakra reading. If you want to really connect with YOUR energy then having your chakras read is a really amazing gift for yourself (or someone you love!).

Crystal Bed Chakra Clearing Treatment

Our Crystal Chakra Clearing Treatments are unique and special energetic healing experiences that balance your chakras and energy fields on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. If you have never had one, you’re in for a treat! This is a safe, non-invasive healing treatment that uses color therapy and crystals to strengthen your energetic system and therefore your immune system. People have reported a deep sense of calm, waves of energy and deep relaxation during treatments.

Etheric Crystal Treatment & Chakra Alignment

Etheric crystals transfer universal energy as it creates a specific frequency that resonates with the body and naturally aligns one’s chakras and meridians, creating a transcendental effect. It de-crystalizes negative patterns or habits and helps a person enjoy a quieter mind, calmer emotions, and more vitality – healing physical, emotional, and mental problems.

Guided Meditations

Guided meditation with focus on: Chakra’s, Humming Monks, Anxiety Free & Love, Heart Meditation, Relaxation & Sleep, Releasing Emotions, Schumann Frequency & Serenity.

Organ Analysis & Treatment Plan

The life force energy flows in the invisible meridian system through the body, providing all the organs with vitality. The organs’ life energy can be felt and measured in the respective reflex zones of the skin’s surface. The Biofeedback Organ Check-Up is a fast, easy-to-understand, and detailed analysis of the physical condition of 43 organ reflex zones. From this information, one can deduct the physical & psychological disposition of illness. (Personalized treatment plan included).

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

Precisely calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific points — chakras, acupuncture, and acupressure points on the body — to balance the meridian and chakra energy systems. Applying vibration to specific areas is useful in freeing blocked energy and opening meridian channels in the body so that a natural state of balance can be restored. This treatment stimulates and balances the body’s physical and subtle energy fields in order to promote healing and inner harmony.