Aroma & Colour Therapy Products

Professional Grade Aroma & Colour Therapy Products

We provide a custom energetically charged supply of professional grade Aroma, Infoceuticals and Colour Therapy products proven to assist and alleviate certain chakra ailments, to activate the balance and increase the vibrations in your body and its biofield. Color Power give us the strength and vitality to control or improve an imbalance of a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual expression. Our color energy products will help you quickly reach your maximum body, mind and spiritual potential to Brighten up your day by changing your mood, Balance your energies to feel whole and empowered you to handle anything. Call us at (250) 616-8566 / Book a Free Consultation

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the life force in every living plant, providing benefits that enhance and enrich the body, mind and soul. Our broad range of therapeutic oils are proven to be amongst the finest quality on the market and our complete line of oils are colour and chakra coded. Call us at (250) 616-8566 / Book a Free Consultation

Carrier Oils

In aromatherapy, a carrier is a substance used to support or safely transport essential oils and also provide lubrication for other ingredients. Choose a COLOUR ENERGY® high grade carrier oil to enhance your conditioner, shampoo, lotion, facial cream or massage oil and further help moisturize your hair, skin and nails. Each carrier oil contains its own healing benefits that are suitable to a variety of skin conditions. Call us at (250) 616-8566 / Book a Free Consultation

Healing Salts

Most people are living with a magnesium deficiency. Adding Epsom Salts to your routine is an easy way to replenish your levels. Dead Sea Salts can assist with certain skin conditions by restoring lost essential minerals thus giving the skin a healthier glow and youthful appearance. As the salts absorb moisture, they help detoxify the body, which includes releasing cellulite and toxins through the pores of the skin. In addition to nourishing and softening the skin they also help relieve sore muscles, arthritic and rheumatoid symptoms, psoriasis eczema, tension headaches, joint and foot aches and pains. Call us at (250) 616-8566 / Book a Free Consultation