Pet Health Scanner (Dogs & Cats)

Would you like to determine your pet’s overall health? Our high -tech scanner analyzes for example the Blood Circulation, Gastrointestinal Function, Hepatobiliary Function, Kidney Function, Skeletal System, Trace Element, Vitamin, Amino Acid, Coenzyme, Immune System, Thyroid, Heavy Metal and Collagen levels of your pet. It’s a non-invasive method that requires no blood or radiography and it’s completely painless. It’s time you discovered the source of your pets ailment, instead of simply taking wild guesses. Call us at (250) 616-8566 / Book a Free Consultation

Astrology Report for Dogs

This Report provides insight into your dog’s responsiveness, feelings, compatibility, personality, life force, intelligence, communication, needs & affection, strength & endurance, adventure & eagerness, patience, limits, fears, spontaneity, exploration, spirit of discovery, sixth sense, imagination, dreams, force, determination as well as your dog’s planets & houses. Call us at (250) 616-8566 / Book a Free Consultation